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Originally Posted by Superluminal View Post
Just to be clear for those of us with old DSM2 transmitters...If we connect 2 of the new DSMX remotes to our VBar, but bind using DSM2, then we can safely use HiRes mode?
Assuming the above statement is true, the DSM2 bug must have been fixed in the DMSX firmware (in the remote RXes). Is this correct?
Quote: MRMEL - This is correct

Originally Posted by bj660raptor
okay i have a dx7 no dsmx upgrade,2 dsmx sats and 5.2 fullsize,what mode should i run guys?

Originally Posted by TheBum View Post
Spektrum Satellites (1 or 2) digital center
Quote: MRMEL - The Bum is correct

I know this is old hat but I'm about to purchase a full size blue vbar ver.11 (first time) and satellite rx's to work with my old dx7 (dsm2) - on a brand new heli build.

My assumption, after skimming over this entire thread is...

1) I should buy 2 spektrum DSMX satellites -- as a forward moving upgrade

2) I can still bind w/o problems to my old DX7 through the Vbar

3) V-bar can be be configured with Rx sat. as Spektrum Satellites (1 or 2) digital center OR (HiRes mode).

Is one recomended over the other for my old dx7? It looks like either will work from the posts quoted above?

Also, is this the simple solution/conclusion (for my application) to the complex problems mentioned in this ongoing 2 year old sticky thead?

Thanks guys for your time!


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