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Default Stability

I know the initial mechanical balance is crucial (batteries, camera etc). for level, stable flight. After getting this as close as I can I fine tune with trim tabs and off I go.

I usually fly in the "idle 2" mode but for a more stable flight I use the "idle 1" The problem I have is the is auto hold/recovery is completely different in each mode.

In #2 or idle up, I can set the tabs for good balance, let go of the sticks and it will hover pretty much in the same place. When it starts to drift the gyro kinda works buy slowly trying to correct the direction of drift then it will quickly drift again, slowly recover. Each time it drifts it never completely corrects before going off again, drifting farther away from the start point each time.

When I go to the normal mode from idle up it's less sensitive to the stick inputs but when I let go of the sticks it quickly goes where ever it wants and the gyro seems to not work at all

BTW...all stock equipment only upgraded to a 450 size frame.
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