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Paul, I do not exactly understand what you are suggesting that I do...I don't really know what this means: "the 3 in 1 board looks for a hard coded aileron and elevator cyclic position as "neutral". It does not take what it sees on power up as neutral "

from the beginning and right now, I have 0 trim settings on my tx. I thought this was the way to go because the heli is FBL? So are you saying that I should just try to use my aileron trim setting to counteract the bird wanting to roll?? I haven't tried that because I thought you weren't supposed to mess with trim on fbl helis
The flybarless system is basically two heading hold gyros. They attempt to hold the last commanded position and interpret cyclic commands as attitude change requests. If the gyros see a non-zero aileron, they will attempt to roll the heli continuously.

Some heading hold gyros recognize the stick positions seen at power up as "neutral". The 3 in 1 does not... it looks for a hard coded position. If the stick position sent by the transmitter with the sticks neutralized does not agree with what the gyros are expecting when no attitude change is being requested (ie., neutral), they will attempt to move the heli continuously as you describe.

Normally, the transmitter and gyros are calibrated so that with zero trim and subtrim, the gyros see that as neutral. But it is possible that something changed and your transmitter isn't sending what the gyros expect for "neutral" (ie., no movement) or vice versa. Try trimming out the drift and see if that works. If not, then you may indeed have a 3 in 1 issue.

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