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Originally Posted by Sailingnuts View Post
Ok, I am finally there and I am getting my first mCPX. So my questions to the Gurus that have been helping everyone is as follows:
1-Which original parts need to be substituted, to begin with, for better performance and not bling?
a- Swashplate
b- Head
c- Collar
d- KBDD tail rotors
2-Should I get RKH or MH.
3- What else do you guys recommend?

I've been flying mine straight stock and it is rock solid (for brushed motor and stock tail length)...up until recently when I think my 3/1 board is on the fritz. The only items I have had to replace after 12 or so crashes are multiple rotor linkages, and one tail boom. My landing gear cracked, but I just glued it back together and it has lasted another several crashes.

edit: I did remove the tail fin very early on and it really seemed to help performance in banked turns and flips.
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