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I bought my mcpx2 a month ago and have about twenty flites on it. Great flying little heli!
I've had a few issues with it but still love it. One problem I noticed was a jumping feel, slight but always there. I found the rear servo rod(the straight one) was just slightly touching the top of the servo causing drag. Bent rod a touch and adjusted swash , all good!
Another one was that I didn't like the slop in the feathering shaft either so I shortened the shaft( bloody small to work with) The result was a vibration I couldn't get out even zero balancing blades etc. I reinstalled stock feathering shaft and vibration gone, oh well....
Something I need help with is when I do a big high fast loop and as I'm coming over the top
And put full (both full stick back) the motor just shuts off. Crash. Won't recover either but when I put it back in normal flight mode, throttle down it will start again. ( stunt 1 mode when this happens)
Any ideas? I was wondering if I was getting a voltage drop or something like that.
All three batteries I use are new 200 mah. No extra heating of wires or connecter.
Maybe I should go to a 300 mah battery?
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