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Default Telemetry...

I'm thinking about buying a DX8 with some telemetry for my 450X and while looking for info to understand what would make sense to monitor I finally found these pictures - so now I know the temperature sensor can be used on the 440 motor!

I have a couple of open points:

a) how do you "fix" the sensor next to the motor? Glue to the motor mount? Glue to the motor itself? How do you make sure there is good contact?

b) I'm planning to monitor that (motor temp) and battery voltage. Would monitoring also the RPM make sense?

c) Should I choose the TM1000 or the TM1100? Did not find enough info to decide...

Couple points became three!

Thanks in advance to whoever will help... I know telemetry on the 450X is somehow considered "too much" (or even useless) but I'll really like to do this project sooner or later...
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