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Sorry then, can't advise!

Have a DX8. It's great! 3 flight modes and backlight will be the main advantage,imho, there are all sorts of other mixes and programs for unusual CCPM setups, tail mixing etc vs a DX7s. Which really don't matter to FBL folk all that much, tbh.

But... to be honest, I think a DX7s might be nearly just as good - just loose out on 1 flight mode and 1 DR and backlighting - that would be what I'd notice most. I dunno Euro wise if the price difference may make a DX7s more tempting. I'd use one, if it were significantly cheaper than a DX8.

I broke the antenna and even that was an easy fix. Get a lipo for it though.

Can't emphasize you'll be much more happy with a lipo.

I'm not even going to bother with telemetry on my 500 protos. But this is a hobby, and it's whatever gives you pleasure ; )


Not that I have telemetry so I don't have first hand experience, but ..... I don't look at the radio when I fly usually. The vibe/alert warnings can be set... yes.. but honestly - I don't know if it's all that worth while

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