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Hey Coco, yea, definitely go with the 1100, you don't need the full range module. It's HUGE compared to the small one. In case you didn't know, the telemetry module comes with the wiring to measure an external voltage. You just need to splice into the battery connector on the ESC. I also almost purchased that special harness, but didn't because it's difficult enough already to get the canopy on with the battery wires in the way. That extra harness will only make it worse. I also purchased the electric RPM sensor so I have motor RPM, and it works great! Once again though, you need to wire into the ESC wires in order for it to work.

As far as the motor temp, that is a cool idea, but personally, I don't think that will be an accurate point to measure the temp. My gut tells me the base will be cooler. Also, I'd be worried about the wire breaking loose and getting rubbed on by the motor.

Also, new firmware was just released for the DX8 that now enables telemetry data logging to the SD card! I haven't played with it yet, but it's definitely a cool feature, so make sure you update the firmware in the DX8 once you get it.

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