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Originally Posted by gixster View Post
I only use it for RX voltage and Flight pack voltage, its nice because i use a few different size batteries, along with 4 different C ratings. Not to mention weather, hot summer day vs cold winter day, that coupled with flying style can make a lot of difference in flight time.
Exactly! That's what I also think: this will enable me to profit of my batteries better.

Originally Posted by cyclo View Post
If you are handy with a soldering iron, you can create your own ec3 "adapter" where you can connect the voltage sender wires coming from the TM1000.
Unfortunately I am a very bad solderer. Just bought a variable temperature one but still... I think I'll buy the adapter, it's 13.90 EUR versus the risk of screwing up my ESC and/or battery.

Originally Posted by viper8315 View Post
In case you didn't know, the telemetry module comes with the wiring to measure an external voltage. You just need to splice into the battery connector on the ESC. I also almost purchased that special harness, but didn't because it's difficult enough already to get the canopy on with the battery wires in the way. That extra harness will only make it worse.
See above. Bigger Fusuno will maybe help!

Originally Posted by viper8315 View Post
I also purchased the electric RPM sensor so I have motor RPM, and it works great! Once again though, you need to wire into the ESC wires in order for it to work.
I'll buy the sensor and then see... that it does not get too complicated.

ANYWAY I have to hold my horses since I'm leaving tomorrow for a 10 days business trip, then I'll be backfor one week only before leaving again so... better not to put too much meat on the fire.
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