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I've got a TM1100. Agreed that it's TINY compared to the TM1000. Odds are you're never going to be out of range of the TM1100 anyway. I still run a timer, but it's nice to know you have a good pack when connecting and it's a backup should you ignore the timer.

I mounted it perpendicular to the BeastX just to the right of the BeastX, and yes, it covers to mounting holes, but in the case I need to get that apart I pull the double sided tape and remount it when done.

As previous poster said I only use it for the Main/receiver voltage (really the receiver voltage is of limited use as it's always 5/6 volts (depending on switch)) but you get that as a freebie just by having it connected. As for the motor temp...unless you want it to review after a flight it's of limited use. How often are you going to look at your transmitter to see it?

I'd say same for the often are you going to use it? Also, I've got the brushless RPM sensor wired on an's not so much that it's not accurate...if you have a stable RPM then it's speed matches pretty much exactly with a tach on the prop. It is WAY laggy though, like 1/2 a second behind the prop RPM. I've also found that it's sensitive to being near the speed controller. On the airplane I had it double side taped to the speed controller (as it worked good for wire routing) and it wouldn't work at all. About an inch away it seems fine.

Yes, it adds a little weight, but I think it's awesome to get feedback from the heli!

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