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Default Lipo batterys which one???

Hi again, got another question im looking at getting some lipos from hobbyking for my belt cp day i will upgrade prob just a better 450size.
But was just wondering what discharge rate i should get is it worth paying extra for 30C over 25C? The batteries i am considering are:

Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 25-50C 237g $18
Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 3S 35-75C 249g $18
Zippy compact 2700mah 3S 25-35C 215g $15
Zippy compact 2200mah 3S 25-35C 163g $12
Zippy flightmax 2200mah 3S 25-35C 173g $9
Zippy flightmax 2200mah 3S 30-40C 190g $16
Turnigy 2200mah 3S 25-35C 188g $18

I've heard good things bout the nano-techs but is it worth twice as much? (i could get an extra battery and fly twice as long), do i need 30C? (what would be best for a 450size heli), how important is the weight ?(doesnt seem much)
Thanks in advance! sorry for so many questions....
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