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this is just one data point but I bought five Zippys a while back. Smaller size though. 1000mAh 3S for my X2. Two of them were not working right out of the box. One of them started working ok after some cycling. The other never did work right. I have nanos in both 2200 3S and 5000 6S and no problems so far. I also have some Blue Turnigy 2200's. They are ok too so far. One of my Nano's did open internally when I accidently connected it backwards.

There are a lot of battery threads like this. Just yesterday I posted in another one

battery mantra:
"whatever brand you choose you run the risk of getting a crappy battery."

The C rating is not so important so that is not the issue. The brand may matter but there is no definitive answer. Some people have problems with high-end Hyperions and Thunder Power.

repeat after me....
"whatever brand you choose you run the risk of getting a crappy battery."

If it were me, I'd not buy the Zippy's and get regular Turnigy or more Nanos but not because of the C rating.
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