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Question Heli Setup vs Pilot Error

Is there a good way to test the heli setup to confirm it will fly properly and I am not just limited by newbie pilot error? This mCPX2 is my FIRST CP, which I got a couple of weeks ago.

OK, did some swash leveling. It was badly leaning to the right, out of the box. Leveled the swash by eye, but it looks good, and I was told that with the stabilization mechanism, by eye should work fine. I leveled by setting all 3 servo linkages to the same height. Then did the zero-pitch, mid-stick adjustment found in this thread using toothpicks. Again looks good.

Some things I'm experiencing.
  • Drifts left on the skids pretty easily (linoleum floor), which makes the 6 inch vertical takeoff and landing exercise pretty difficult.
  • Controls are touchy, but I expected that.
  • Based on the beginner transmitter setup in this thread, full throttle lift off is a few inches. The "more bite" Pitch Curve is better.
Did find a loose rubber grommet, but all the grommets are on the canopy. Can't find anywhere else to look for a missing one. Any ideas where to look for whwre that grommet may go?


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