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3. Hover above ground effect tail in and get it sitting at a spot (you can do this in a steady wind), then smoothly rotate 90 degrees to the right without any other input. Does the heli start un-commanded forward flight? If so you need some swash rotation. On a heli with rear elevator servo and front cyclic servos, using the control panel, go to "swash rotation" and rotate the swash 2 degrees by turning the control wheel in the direction the heli moved. Eg, if it moves right, turn it right so it indicates 2 degrees. No need for reboot, just remove the panel and take off again and do the same thing. Is it worse, or better or even reversed? Remembering where you are from 0 (now +2 degrees), either add or subtract more. Within ~5 degrees you should find you can piro on the spot from a stable hover to any compass position without any un-commanded flight. Getting this right is the difference between a great flying machine ("like a sim!") and a sloppy one. The auto-trim flight also does this adjustment but do you ever have a real windless day? I prefer to do it manually. If phasing isn't right a slow piro while hover will nod the heli (and if you stop at the nod it will start forward or reverse flight). Even if mechanically phasing looks perfect, can you spot a 3 degree error? I can't.
sorry for the stupid question.
you say to rotate the heli 90 degrees to the right and then check for forward flight. the forward flight could only be to the right since i turned the heli 90 to the right. so, why do you say to rotate the swash "in the direction the heli moved"? it can only have moved to the right, isn`t it?
then a few lines ahead you say "will start forward or reverse flight?. now i understood that a fter turning the heli 90 to the right and stopping it, the heli will nod and will either move forward or backwards. now it makes sense to me. if it moves forward i should add some degrees so the swash turns right and if it moves backwards i have to add degrees for the swash to turn left?
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