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Default Setup for the Walkerx Hoten - X

Dear William,

I noticed you still have posted my setup guides on your web site. I wanted you to know that I am currently selling my guides for a nominal fee on my website, . The content on your site is under copyright.

I kindly request that you remove my setup guides and please do not publish any new content of mine that users may try to post as it is all under copyright.

In return, I will occasionally post on your site important technical information your users can benefit from.

After years of helping people for no charge, I am at a point I need to generate some funds to cover the costs to continue providing useful information to this hobby.

My Helifreak user name is: CX2Pilot

Here are links to my setup guides on your site. The first one has 4 pages of my setup guides posted. The second one has 2 pages of my setup guides posted.

I appreciate your cooperation.


Tom Zadar

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