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Your good! Great review!
I used your QR ladybird settings to start and pretty got to the hotter settings.
Mine are close to what you have and I was going to try 150 trvad from the 120.

I am wondering how these higher setting effect the FC? On servos you could kill them but this is a voltage change? Microvolts, but still...pretty much why I stopped at 120. Untill I saw your new post, I was just going to live with how yaw was slow and in hard spins throttle needs lots movement, ladybird can hold AGL except in windier condictions, on my x650, (12" blades) it will spin with little throttle depending on how much aileron and elevator and again wind gusts causing lift, or taking it away.

These little quads have helped my on the big one, and instead of using the xaircraft PID's I'm trying more tx changes, but that's me being lazy. If tx changes work I'll go back in to xair enter and make FC changes.

Any ideas on walkera getting a program for FC tuning on the hoten and ladybird and mx400, UFO5, UFO8? I looked at walkers forum and product web page but I may have missed any reference.
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