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Flight controller, on the two walkera's i have,walkera does have the two cable to upgrade, one for TX and both for RX, how far is that from being able to tune the board by changing gains for xyz axis, changing gains for accelerometers...PID (PROPORTIONAL,INTEGRAL, DERIVATIVE) on my xaircraft it use this USB cable to this USB device to cable to the Flight looks just like the USB dongle I got to talk to a arduino.

I'm just high, thinking walkera is going to have GUI for flight control settings or changing cross to plus flying, setting still picture rate, or vid frame rate on walkeras famous 3xxxxxx camera, changing min/max angle for ff ( fast forward flight )

I am making this harder than it should be, this aircraft type is not use in real life, well a close second is the mars lander with rockets he he, and even than turned out to cause damage to the frenchs wind sock ( ok not wind sock, but very precise anometers ) and the real second use in real life in these guys and girls making movies and real estate shots, which was the first reason I thought I could get into this hobby real estate and land management photography. Ah man, never would have thought it was almost impossible to do.

He he I'm headed to put on Ingnored list. I'm sorry.
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