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Default There may be more to it

As I understand it, the AP2000i provides CCPM mixing and sensor processing. In and of itself, it does not stabilize the ship.

Stability comes from the various sensors attached. Such as:

Elevator and aeliron gyros. IR (horizon line) sensors, GPS, accelerometer, etc...

How stationary your heli will stay is a function of the sensors you have attached. Gyros will not keep the heli in place at all. Horizon line sensors will try to keep the heli level but, have no way to counter wind. Accelerometers can try to counter movement in any direction but, overtime the heli will still drift. GPS will try to keep it within their distance resolution. GPS with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) may be slightly more accurate.

Bottom line is, if you can afford to have it drift around within a large area, with a combination of sensors, you can get 'good enough' stability. Still, I would tend to recommend at least a spotter to keep an eye on the heli and nearby hazards.

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