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Normally I'd just comment on the OT portion of this "discussion" and point out that it's a thread for pictures, but I'm feeling a bit froggy this evening...

Originally Posted by BladezFreak View Post
another complaint by some who owns all intermediate helis which have never been built by the owner them self's and basically is upset due to the fact of a good pilot who knows how to build, maintain, fix, and fly helis, flew a 450x to show people how good Horizon Hobby's Helicopter's really are and didn't hurt kill or due any damage to him self or other's while flying
It doesn't matter how big the heli is - it can do significant damage to someone if it hits them. Don't believe me? Let me fly my mCPX into your face.

He has done demo's of this heli and many other's so people understand that Blade helicopter's are awesome even when you get as good as him them are a great step into 3D FLIGHT
That's irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

ALSO he always tells people never to try this at home and explains this is very dangerous.
But then flies with people too close (IMO) anyways?

He is a respectable person and a well known pilot and has never put peoples life in danger. He is actually holding back in this parking lot he can actually fly much harder at the field.
Clearly you don't understand the definition of the word "never" and "holding back" or not is again, irrelevant.

When you get as good and dont have any crashes and own bigger helis that you have built than and only than come talk to me.
So the size of the heli determines the pilot's skill? Sorry, but that's laughable. If that was the case, I'd be schooling anyone with a 90/700 sized heli with my 65" long, 813mm blade swinging, 18.5lb turbine ship and some of the scale guys would be even better.

"knowing how to bail" in the event of a mechanical? WTH does that mean? Is there some level of clairvoyance inherent in this particular guy (or you) that lets him (or you) know where the heli is going to go if something breaks? Do either of you possess super-human reflexes or are able to negate the forces of inertia and affect aerodynamics? Believing you'd be able to plant the heli in time to avoid hurting someone with people that close is naive to say the least.

Park the defensive attitude and take this discussion to another thread. As was stated before, this one is for pictures

No helicopters were harmed in the creation of this post.
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