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Hi Bob,

Where are these XL videos? I was watching them one day and they disappeared the next. Now I wished I downloaded them onto my hard-drive. Thanks a bunch.


Originally Posted by Finless View Post
That is not a file it is a link to a THREAD on helifreak that no longer works.
If you want to see this thread here is the new URL

HDE Build Overview
Trex XL HDE Kit and Tools Overview (10 Megs)

HDE Build Steps 1 through 3 - Head and Seesaw
Trex XL HDE Steps 1 through 3 (24 Megs)

HDE Build Step 4 - Flybar cage and Flybar
Trex XL HDE Step 4 (24 Megs)

HDE Build Steps 5 through 8 - Washout, Swash, and Head
Trex XL HDE Steps 5 through 8 (24 Megs)

HDE Build Steps 9 & 10 - Main Gear and Landing Gear
Trex XL HDE Steps 9 and 10 (12 Megs)

HDE Build - Installing the Motor and Adjusting the Pinion
Trex XL HDE the moter and adjusting the pinion (24 Megs)
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