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Originally Posted by architorture View Post
I guess I was just wondering how stable it keeps the heli. Stable enough to take my hands off the controls to frame up a shot with another TX? I'm also thinking about going flybarless with the AP2000i and 2 additional gyros. So with the 2 gyros and IR sensor am I pretty good to go? I'm not talking staying absolutely in place in 20 mph winds, just in a rough location to get the shot. Where can I find GPS RX for the AP2000?
Stable enough to frame a shot? Yup! However, I think you have misunderstood the flybarless/2 gyro "option". It is my understanding that the benefits of flybarless +2 gyros relate to improved drivetrain efficiency compared to a flybar-equipped heli, but this is not directly linked to the ability of the heli to remain stationary enough for framing shots.

Mark Webber has direct experience of thie combination of AP2000i and flybarless+gyros, and will no doubt be along shortly
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