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Hey Rod they are killer looking birds!

Did you go soley with a Life battery for your servos or a battery and BEC?

I've been agonising over what I do with my Gaui X5. It's got a decent built in BEC but I've bought a Western Robotics BEC but I'm still pondering using an external battery as well as the WR BEC if the weight isn't too bad. Last thing I want is a $300 repair bill if I have brown out.

How did the Synergy go as well?

Since you posted about it and I watched that vid, I'm thinking if I get a 700, it might just be an E6/7!
12S 4035-500 Gaui X5 Formula VBar, 6S 2520-1880 Gaui X3 AR7200BX, Phantom 3 Professional
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