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The matches work great, much better than Q-tips. Also, 99% Rubbing alcohol works well too, but has no lubricant.

Originally Posted by lovespicyfood View Post
I have cleaned the servos ~5-6 times. The issue that comes up is the servo motor housing strips easily and the plastic tabs will disintegrate and break off over time. Thus the servo motor will detach from the circuit board. I have had two servos fail in the last couple weeks because of this.

I posted a thread on this problem and several people who replied said that they just shoot DeOxit into the servo and move the servos up and down in throttle old mode. I am going to do this moving forward.

I have yet to try Detoxit, but from what I've read, it sounds like it works well. Much easier than unscrewing the servo mechanics, and less wear on the screw holes and tabs. And it leaves a light lube as well.

I have had to use 1x3mm RKH screws to replace the stock screws on many of my servos, because of stripped/ worn threads.
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