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HH mode and the IR stabilization are at odds with eachother as the AP2000i is configured now. Independantly, they work well. The problem is this: In HH mode, the gyros will fight to overcome the AP2000i's attempts to right the heli. In rate mode, it will work just as if you had a flybar installed. As a matter of fact, I could discern no difference in flight characteristics when the 401's were in rate over having the flybar installed.

HH is a whole different feeling. No bad but different.

As far as efficiency, I'm not sure how much you'll really gain. The gyros did seem to consume quite a bit more of my rx battery than before the conversion.

If it's stricktly for AP, I'd stick with the AP2000i w/IR stabilization.

The reason I wanted to convert was for testing for 3D purposes and to correct an issue I was having with my gasser in the wind. Heavy flybar weights solved the gasser issue.
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