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Originally Posted by Coco66 View Post
Rebuild finished.

Good moment to put on the green "outfit" (as the wife of some forum inmate calls canopy and stuff) which was lying there since beginning of august waiting to be taken to the field...

I really like the looks of the Fusuno canopies and am thinking of getting 1 (or 2) for my 450X. However, I notice the top opening is not as wide as the stock canopy. I wonder if this affects the cooling of the motor in any way. The reason I say this is because I notice that my motor temps are lower when the 450X is up in the air and then right after I land and the blades stops spinning the temps shoot up around 5 degrees (from about 46 to 51C). It appears that the wash from the blades have a cooling effect on the motor. I have telemetry installed (TM1000) on the 450X with the motor temp wire/sender slung at the base of the motor.
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