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Default Tightening your DX7 harness loop

Alright, got all pics uploaded. If you are not into taking things apart just for fun, I do not recommend this. Also, keep track of where all the screws live. They are all very different, but it will help if you keep everything organized. The whole thing should only take 5-10 minutes. I don't know how sensitive these circuit boards are to static, but it is basically a computer, so i'd ground myself by wearing that bracelet thing or touch something metal before digging into this. Also try not to touch any metal on the boards since the oils from your hands can start to corrode it.

First, make sure TX is off and battery is unplugged and removed. Remove the 6 long phillips screws from the back of the TX. Be careful removing rear cover because the battery pack plug is attached to the back.

Carefully turnover rear cover and if you want, remove the small phillips screw that is holding battery plug. You dont have to remove it, just keep it out of the way. The wires are pretty thin, so I chose to remove it.

Now, remove upper small circuit board with bind button by removing the 4 small screws. Be careful of the antenna wire. Fold over gently to get to the next board

You will find another small board with a fuse attached and the power switch is on the other side. Remove this one by unscrewing the 2 small phillips and the 1 larger phillips in the middle.

There is the gold! brass actually. The previously removed large screw in the middle uses the same brass threaded spacer as the harness loop.

Make sure harness loop is straight and then tighten the treaded hex spacer. There is a lock washer, so no need to over do it.

Reassemble in reverse order making sure all wire are connected and not pinched or over twisted. Be careful not to over tighten or cross thread the screws.
Hope this helps
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