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Ughhh Ive had a lot of tail authority issues with a 5 bladed head .

Some things about tail authority:

Scenario 1- Keep the same 2 main blade head speed, and get more pitch on tail, it will do fine.

Scenario 2- Lower your head speed since you have 5 blades, you tail will lose tail authority, so add a bigger tail blade, I used hand cut versions of the blade MCPX main blades.

Scenario 3- Swap out the 3mm tail shaft, and put in a longer one, and add an additional blade assembly so you get a cascaded tail with 4 blades swinging.

Scenario 3 gives you best tail authority, at high or low head speeds.

Scenario 2 is simple and does its job if your okay with it not doing 3D hahaa

Scenario 1 is not feasible unless you have shorter main blades. Downgrading for stock 325 or to less than 300mm. And the main point here is lighter blades equals less torque for the tail to counter.

What works for you? Me I used scenario 3 because I found that the lower head speed sounded better with 5 blades, and could be used for scale helis that require cascaded tail.
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