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Originally Posted by SB View Post
ok. i'll work on that then.

and it dosen't mater where everyone wants the led. you can put it anywhere your heart desires. i just want mine there.

but i'll show everyone where to hook to
Yes..please do....some of us don't know where or how to go about hooking up the LED without burning it out, or which led ...

I looked at the Ratshack led's

I was thinking of using one of these because it's easy tro get:

but it says:

Typical Voltage is 2.1, with a maximum voltage of 2.8V

so I have no clue how to go about hooking it up/ or even where to hook it up...or even if I can even use that one or if there is some other led I should be using for this....

So please post what you come up with.....thanks..
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