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Originally Posted by spykez View Post
Wow, I think I really do like that stratovarious design. I am trying to decide whether to bling the heli up at all.

Can I ask:

1. How much does the EX canopy version weigh

2. Is there enough clearance for a scorp 2221-6?

On the stock Blade canopy the motor just sits under the canopy - I didn't mount the scorp on a washer, opting instead to trim the pinion for clearance and trim the motor shaft.
1) Canopy weights:

Stock "Blue" = 24.24g
Stock "Smokey" = 24.08g

Fusuno "Red Racing" = 47.69g
Fusuno "Infinite Fire" = 40.41g

2) I don't have a scorp..still using the stock motor....

When either of my Fusuno canopies are mounted on my 450X.....there is > ~1" of clearance between the top of the stock motor...and the inside of the canopy....measured at either the motor shaft end to the canopy...or the edge of the motor to the canopy.

I realize that the 3600kv Blade motor and the scorp are "taller" than the stock 440H motor....

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