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Default My first 450x crash. Now what all to check?

Hi guys,
The other day I had my first crash with the 450x. I was trying some light 3d after flying my bl mcpx and didn't think about the change I just made form one hei to another, and I tryed flying the 450x like I did my bl anywway..... long story short did some flips which ended up going over my head about 30 feet up heading for the house. Thying not to hit house and lost control hiting throttle hole just befor inpact.

I have read on here on what to look for and for the most part I believe I have have a good understanding on what to do and check, but wanted to make sure and ask about the servos and beastx.

I have looked over the heli and ordered all parts that looked needed.
New fethering shaft
New tail shaft
New blades
New main shaft
New main gear
New blade grips
New body.

All in all the heli looked ok. I thought I would have more damage. I have looked at the servos after reading sometimes they can strip. I can move them up and down with no problems. I don't feel anything bad but, I also have read a lot on here. Also if I do have to replace a gear do you have to reprogram the beast? Before I fly again is there anything I need to do to the beast? also I can't see any more damage then what I just told you guys, but if you have any ideas on things I may have missed I would be greatfull.
Fyi, this bird has been great with over 100 flights with no problems.

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