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If you move the de-powered servos to their extremes by hand and it clicks AT ALL, even ONCE, the servo is stripped and needs to be re-geared. Should just whirr smoothly all the way from end to end, in both directions.

The re-setup needs to be done because you don't know where the servo's internal center point is, and the splines on the output shaft may not be at the same angle with the new gears and require fine-tuning. Which will throw the zero-pitch out of whack mechanically, and change the cyclic geometry values stored in the BX unit as well.

This isn't an older CCPM mixing heli where you can get it close-enough and stick-out or trim out any problems in the mechanical setup. The FBL unit operates to make the heli respond to the inputs received, rather than just moving the servos to a set given position dumbly based on the TX signal. If it doesn't know where X is on the heli, at best it'll fly clumsily and try to compensate all over, decreasing performance and battery life. At worst, it'll 'go nuts' and just auger in.

It looks intimidating at first, yes.
After doing it the first two or three times though, BX setup is a snap. Fifteen minutes, tops to do it RIGHT. It's worth not cutting corners to make sure the heli flies like it's supposed to, and you aren't left standing there with another repair job immediately after taking off on the re-maiden.
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