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Personally, I use the BeastX bevel box. But the most common gauge is the RCLogger digital pitch gauge. Clips onto the blade like an analog gauge, but with the accuracy and precision (and not needing to screw in the stupid FBL-reference-tool stick thing) of a digital inclinometer. Be aware that RCLogger is planning to release the Version 2 soon.

Also, grab the Blade 400/450 swash tool. You'll need it for easily setting up the proper swash height and getting it levelled properly on Setup step G.

Blades, the 3D Pro CF 335mm blades from Hobbypartz ( are the current best 'beater' blades anyone's found. Got in on them when they were only $6 a set and snagged a few just-in-case. They fly fine, but may need a little balancing to get spot-on.

Some also like the Revolution 335mm blades due to the white tips making the rotor disc more visible, but they're pricier than the stock blades. ( Revolution also measures hole-to-tip (why they're marked as 325mm blades; they're 335mm overall.)

Align 325D 3G blades are pretty cheap, but they're 325mm overall, losing a centimeter off the tip, which translates into almost a 16-18% max potential lift loss. Makes the heli sluggish on pitch pumps, not start or stop as hard when flaring, less stable and smooth in-flight, but also more bog-resistant thanks to the lower drag.

Do NOT fly fiberglass or woodies on this thing. The high headspeed (compared to a 450-3D or similar) puts them at risk of shattering in-flight with the additional strain, not to mention more aggressive performance available.
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