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To the OP - might be an idea to check your dampers too if you had over 100 flights while you're there. Just order them now if you're doing a parts order. You'll be surprised how soft they can get. They look ok but when you compare them to a new pair... Best just do it for best performance.

Oh, and I use an RC logger. I found, at least on my heli, I could use the BX to take a reference for zero from.

It was about as good a reference as calibrating zero from blade fold (which I did initially out of habit - typically I will use tooldrop, then once in the right vicinity, blade fold, calibrate zero and check with RC logger for the deflections).

Of topic: Oh Taliesin, you wouldn't believe it .... but Revo 335's are actually cheaper here than the official blade FBL 335's...$28.50 versus $40 ( The mind boggles.

I'd buy a pair but I don't know how they differ to the stockers, which I am quite happy with, to be honest.

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