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Default So I finally decided to do a Bx setup...

Day off so I took the head apart. Heli wasn't as crisp as when it was out of the box, blades were louder than normal, tracking looked a bit off. Circa 150 flights about.

Dampers looked alright but they were surprisingly squishy compared to a new pair. So I changed them. Spindle didn't look bent but I rolled it and wasn't sure, so that went too. One thrust bearings was a bit notchy so they both went. I probably should tear the tail apart but I think I'll wait for another 50 or 100 flights.

THEN did BX setup for the first time ever lol...

Heli is all stock.

Got a bit of a surprise. I dialled up 12 collective and then couldn't get a blue light at the cyclic ring step 'L' - full positive collective and forward elevator - the elevator bellcrank thingy struck the canopy post. If I mitigated this with reducing cyclic throw, I'd lose the blue light.

So this head set at swash height = 15mm per official blade tool, on my heli with stock servos, appears to have that issue in the circumstance described above.

I wonder how they actually set my heli up at the factory. Well I actually took a pitch gauge on to it (first time ever) prior to doing the setup and I have a feeling they only dialled in 10 collective which would take the load off that step 'L'.


+1 to Blade/Horizon for getting this heli to pretty much fly out of the box the way it did (I have had 150 flights without doing anything but gluing on the Bx).

Do I give them -1 for this binding at full positive issue?

I don't know - might just be my heli. I 90'ed the elevator servo as best I could.

Might just have to run less collective or less cyclic and let the Bx grumble about the orange light at setup step L. It shows me just under 9 degrees of cyclic deflection in orange. About or just over 10 when the blue light comes on. I think 9 should be fine.

What do you all do?

I'm going to fly 12 collective and orange light the L binding step and see. Maybe try 10 collective and blue light it later and compare. Or just run 12 collective and blue light it and let it bind if I ever stickbang it that far lol.

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