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I'd take the bellcrank assembly off at the servo and lever-arm assembly, and just rotate it a few teeth away from the strike-direction on both sides. I'd assume counterclockwise if it's striking the leading edge. Then screw it back in on both sides and re-do setup. It's what I had to do with mine to ensure no mechanical strikes. It won't be squared up at zero, but it should have enough range of motion to fully cover both directions of travel without binding or striking.

Also, apparently whoever set mine up initially didn't bother getting the servo horns on at 90 degrees at reference-center, just used the BX adjusts to center it from wherever they slapped them on. One was off by more than 30 degrees! Rectified since then, of course, and might explain why my swash tilted hard to one side on initial power-up, until it was actually spooled. Doesn't do it any more now.
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