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3D is LOADS easier on the 450X. You can take it higher (so more time to bail out if things go wrong) and still see it clearly. It's more stable and TONS more powerful. When doing flips and rolls, it just 'floats' there for a few seconds after going to zero-pitch, instead of dropping like a rock (as on the mCPX). Since the tail is a belt-driven variable pitch affair (instead of a direct-drive motor) it's a world of difference more solid. I can't stress this one enough, the tail simply does NOT blow out, no matter WHAT you do to it. Rock-solid hold every time (so long as the belt is tensioned right, of course).

Really, if you're competent on the mCPX for sport flight and can do slow piros (eg: extremely solid on orientations), you're ready to move up.

I've crashed mine a total of once at the 90-pack mark, and started doing flips and rolls around 30. The one crash wasn't doing 3D... it was coming in to land at the end of a pack at a 3/4 nose-in orientation, having a gust of wind catch it, mistaking the orientation and having the heli dutifully follow my inputs straight into the ground.

Still have trouble getting my mCPX inverted reliably, even doing simple rolls. The 450X, I can easily do back to back rolls, flips, inverted hovering and more for full packs at a time.
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