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I originally gotten the mcpx to help me learn to takeoff, hover, hover at tail-in & nose-in and land CP heli's. Figured if I could get comfortable with only these maneuvers then I would move on to bigger heli's. The way I looked at it was even if that was all I was capable performing that would be OK because being able to just control the take-off, hovering and landings would be awesome enough due to their size and the sounds of the machines. IMHO these are the coolest things a person can have in their hands to manipulate. Hell, just watching a large heli hover fascinates me to the point I could watch that all day.

I never thought I would be at this point of development that I would even entertain the thought of doing a roll, yet here I am. I still have not mastered a circuit or figure 8ís or SLOW piros to the point I would comfortably do this on a large heli but I will master it on the mcpx first before transitioning those over to the 450X. Which brings be back to my original concern. Iím not totally convenience yet if the 130X will help me anymore then the mcpx will when transitioning rolls/flip/invertís to the 450X. The OP mentioned that for him, he did not think/realize the change from doing mcpx 3D to 450X 3D hence the crash. Without putting words into the OPís mouth, in other words there was an obvious difference in handling. Was this good or bad? If bad, how was it bad and how can I avoid this mishap? If the OP had a do-over what would that be?
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