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The 130X is still FIRMLY on my 'do not buy' list.
Until Horizon sorts out the problems with the tail self-destructing midflight and the heli generally eating itself? Stay away. It flies better than the mCPX, but still... stay away. NOT worth it at the moment.

The 450X flies like a LARGE, stable, super-powerful mCPX really. But that size means that it can get moving very fast, if you aren't careful. Not sure what the OP meant by the change either, but the 450 is DEFINITELY NOT a front/backyard flier. At best it needs an area about the size of a soccer pitch, for safety's sake.

If you can (reasonably) competently sport-fly an mCPX with circuits, figure-eights and slow piros? You're ready for the 450X. Just make sure you're EXTRA careful with it, and really, really gentle with the cyclic. And don't forget to use the stick-on velcro on the battery pack; the snug-down strap will NOT keep it from getting shoved into the motor, which WILL take a bite out of it. As I found out on my first flight.

Beyond that, keep a good distance away from yourself and anything else (I'd say a minimum 20 feet until you're very used to it), and fly a minimum of 15-20' off the ground while you're still feeling it out. In a hover, it will SNAP to cyclic inputs shockingly fast (compared to the mCPX), and hang there for a second or two before it starts moving (thanks to the greater inertia).

I can offer no higher praise than this: If I was offered the chance to go back and do it over again, knowing what I know now? I'd buy the 450X again in a heartbeat. It's THAT frickin' good.
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