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Originally Posted by KySky View Post

Glad to see your getting the help you need here to get you back in the air. I've been lurking around for a while in this thread preparing for that day when I get a 450X. Hopefully I be prepared just before spring. Iím currently getting comfortable with my stock mcpx and now moving on to learning some basic aerobatics on it, like roll/flip/invert hover because these are the maneuvers I want to perform one day on the future 450X.

Without straying too far off topic, I was hoping you would elaborate a little more about you not ďThinking AboutĒ the difference in light 3D flying from the your BL mcpx to the 450X. Also, I you mentioned that you had over 100 flights on the 450X with no problems. Was this prior to you trying your first light 3D flying resulting in your first crash?

My point being, I want to know IYHO should I be learning my basic/simple aerobaticí s on something else other than the mcpx and before trying it on an 450X? Is there a better/wiser in between heli to practice with? I know unless you had an in between heli you may not be able to comment on this part on my question, but if you had it to do over again what would you do different, if anything?

Iím sure you will be back in that air soon thanks to these guys here. Iíve gathered tons of notes here and want to say thank you helifreaks. Iíve grown further here in 4 months than I have in 10 years combined
IMO, You are fine with the MCPX. Thats how I was able to learn how to fly CP Heli. Looking back now I feel it was the best move. I had planed on getting a smaller heli (i.e Blade SR) but then the new 300x was soon to be out. Then one day after reading on here someone on here spoke of the ampdraw website and so I checked it out. a Blade 450x for $406.00... . I broke down and got it right then. I took a risk due to the cheaper price....

At first I would just hover, then I would fly around very slow. One day I took a chance and flew it like I would and airplane. It was so much fun. All along I had been flying my mcpx almost everyday. Then I met up with a friend and we went flying and wile flying, and wile out flying i got crazy, It was so stable, and i wanted to flip it so bad.... and so out of the blue I hit S1, pulled back on the stick, went neg pitch, back to poss, and it was over. Ok now im just keep doing Anyways, the mcpx gave me the confidence I needed and the understanding of the stick moments to do so. So I would say the road you are on is fine.

You will find that in some ways the 450x is lot more stable, but you need to keep in mind that you will have more fears with 450x, and that the response form one heli is different form another. That day I crashed I had gotten careless, it was as if i treated it like it was a mcpx, both in my mind and in the stick moments. For one I was to close to the house, and the other..., well, this heli response to what you give it. thats a good thing if you want it to do what you are telling it to

Let me say this. (IMOP), if your good at flying around with the mcpx, then you can fly the 450x around, but doing 3d is a whole different animal. I'm not good at 3d, I just try things and I have done some good thus far, (side note: keep it high when trying 3d for the first time) But I do feel I may cut back on some due to $$$$$lol If i had more I would do more. I have been very close to crashing before but was somehow able to save it at the lat min. there just seems to be a very high learning curve. For me the MCPX was a way for guys like me to get started.

I am very happy I got the 450x over other helis. Its size and capability make it the best choice for me. In a crash the 300x and 450x would be about the same. At ampdraw the price was right. I dont see another heli out there that would have all these pros. for the $$$$.
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