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I just did two setups and one I couldn't get blue on L and the other I could. I don't worry about hitting the post with the better servos...used to stress a bit over it with the stockers though.

Heli seemed to fly perfectly fine with red on L and still had about 12-12.5 degree of pitch each way.

I couldn't get my bell crank straighter (parallel arms) though if I offset one, I'd prob be able to get a better result with the canopy post.

I'm more concerned about when dialing up blue on L, if I rotate the head with full cyclic and collective (right stick hard top left), I will actively get binding if I push too far into the blue here. I had to back it right off to the red and creep into the blue to alleviate that level of binding.

The manual doesn't state you need to rotate the head assembly but I'd hate to get binding at 3300+rpm so I do it this way.
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