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Default Just adding a led is not so complicated........

Originally Posted by Gino CP View Post
I love out of the box thinking. You killed two birds with one stone here. I didn't realize that the tx was supported on the face plate. I hope it's tough enough. A great mod and thanks to Finless too for bringing it to our attention. Now, to develop the courage to do this...
This IS a great mod, thanks for the great tutorial SB!

However, don't forget there are also some great neckstrap balancing solutions out there. For myself I am using the FireUp balancer and I am just putting in a light so I can see the thing is on. This only involves connecting a led with a fitting and a resistor. You can even order a pre- assembled led with resistor and fitting and you only have to connect the + and - to the appropriate connections on the DX7 print (Step 21). This one is green but I ordered a red one:

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