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Originally Posted by soko View Post
I don't know what english word to use when I like to talk about an angle between two surfaces...

if you are describing the angle difference between two surfaces, where one is ie, 5 deg different to the other, this is called the "included angle" this is the angle difference between the two, and not relative to anything outside of itself.

And what word you use when talking about a surface that should be aligned in an angle relative to the earth level. In German we say the object is "in water" - but that doesn't apply to english. I'm currently using "absolute level" when talking about the level that is given by the instrument you call "spirit level" or "bubble level". the one carpenters use when they ar building a house.

for this one we talk in terms of the horizon, and use "horizontal" as the adjective, vertical is 90 deg to this. "perpendicular" can be used to convey a heli mast that is 90 deg to the horizontal looking from the side, and also from the front.

Maybe someone can clarify to me the right terms to use


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