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Very nice flying for only being at it 5 weeks, hell I couldn't ever hover after 5weeks in normal flight let alone be inverted, keep up the good work.

Originally Posted by Strangedaze View Post
Here's a small tribute to the Inverted Side of the Nano.

I know it's been said here quite few times, but I just love this thing, been into this hobby for about 5 weeks.. 2 With a MCPX & three-four with the NANO & certainly without the Nano I never thought I would now having fun indoors flying inverted..

The Nano Simply Rocks!

PS: I don't recommend everyone picking/starting up the Nano this way.. but this motor started acting funny around 80+ flights.. (not bad) & I've just started to punish it till it now gives up & the harder I now treat it the more it appears to come back to life..

PPS: Why did my thumbs get fatter every time I started the camera & Why for all my best takes did I forget to start the camera.first...

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