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Originally Posted by soko View Post
I don't know what english word to use when I like to talk about an angle between two surfaces...
realtive angle, relative level, ???

And what word you use when talking about a surface that should be aligned in an angle relative to the earth level. In German we say the object is "in water" - but that doesn't apply to english. I'm currently using "absolute level" when talking about the level that is given by the instrument you call "spirit level" or "bubble level". the one carpenters use when they ar building a house.

Maybe someone can clarify to me the right terms to use

LOL, I have to go through this all the time! I am Greek, born and raised in Germany! So I speak three languages... I am always looking for the right words! Never heard "in wasser" thought?!


p.s. I got totally confused with all that level talk. My new "level" bottom plate for my frame is gonna be here on Friday. As soon I installed it and mounted the SK, I will post a picture and you guys tell me if I am right on or not!
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