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First let me be absolutely clear its a AR7200 bx FBL Controller and reciever..
PORTS read from top to bottom if mounted vertically as it is on my 500
Rx L
Aux 1

Thanks for your help lets go from hear.. Hitech said to me today that this hs5065 digital servo will not take more than 270 htz.

And the other tech i think Greg said that i should not use a Digital servo for the retract.. ok i said.. but i use a digital ds821 for my rear two retracts with no issues.. so go figure,,, so i just bought a analog hs65 mg not digital and iam going to try to lower my settings in the beastx assuming iam setting that also controls the aux 2 channel but i looked and cant find anything yet well nothing from the manuel yet
Always thanks for the help much appreciated makes the hobby alot easier and enjoyablesince i began flying in dec.2011
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