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thanks for the compliments guys.

Shawn, im running the 8 turn motor, 1300kV, and im using the 15T pinion. it worked perfect on the CC85, but its a bit high revving on the Jazz. I need to try both a 14 and a 13, as on the 15 i am running 80%, and the head speed is about 100rpm too high, still, it seems to go fine, but gets warm

The blades are the SAB 550mm, weigh 105g, so are really really sharp in flight, but auto performance is down. i used to run NHP 550mm Razors, but i like these SABs, a lot stiffer. Using the JR 8915 servos, the roll and pitch is so sharp, the blades make an awesome noise. I love flying it hard, just so i can make them blades yell!!

Bruce, I've just learnt crack maneuvers in the last week or so, and really enjoy them so i do them a lot in my flying. its not too noticeable in the video, but in real life it looks pretty awesome.

The Hacker i am running isnt the most efficient motor, so it draws a lot and gets hot. also, as said above, im on the wrong pinion, so flight time is down. I set my timer for 4:30, and when that goes off, i usually go up for an auto. Packs come down warm, and i put between 4.2A - 4.5A back into after each flight. 8A charge and i can fly again in 40 minutes

The flybar flies pretty awesome, you do get more power out of the v-bar, and it flies slightly different, but the flybar still rocks. i have a 600 on the way with a B-Var, maybe in a month or so i will get it flying, but for the moment i am more than happy with my little 500

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