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Default Servo arm lengths

Originally Posted by ifheli View Post
At this time,I don`t own a 500. All of my 3GY/ G31`s are on 450`s. On the cyclics and collective you will want to keep your travel in the green in software program. This is why I showed picture 4a and 4b on collective. When I set collective pitch in computer program I always start at center stick and set blades to 0 degrees, then move tx stick to full positive and adjust in program, and move stick to full negative and adjust in program for 12+/-. I always try to keep cyclics and collective between 80 and 100 in Robird computer software. If the program feels it is out of wack it will tell you. I have had too play with servo arm lengths afew times to get it right.

Here are some general servo arm lengths to consider when setting up your Robird G31:

250 cyclic: 10.5mm tail: 5mm
450 cyclic: 12.5mm tail: 8mm
500 cyclic: 18mm tail: 10mm
550 cyclic: 21mm tail: 13mm

700 cyclic: 11 to 12mm tail: 13 to 15mm
(Note: For 700 size helis the above distances are for push/pull systems)

Note: These are GENERAL guidelines and you should always refer to your helis assembly manual first.

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