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Well, I have been quietly stewing for the last few days to get rid of my 250 SE tail wag. All built to spec right out of the box. All Align parts, all Align electronics. Built just the way they tell you. I did add the CF over the rudder control rod to stiffen it up and not need the guides but otherwise pretty well out of the box.

It would spool up very smoothly and just about the time it looked to be getting light it would begin to wag 5 or 6 inches and just keep going. I didn't think it was prudent to give it any more throttle because I thought that looked like an accident looking to happen.

I tried gains from 0 to 100% and it made no difference at all. I tried setting the delay in the gyro (780) from nothing to 100%, still no difference.

So I took off the Align 420 and put a servo from HK on that I had for another project. It is digital and has more torque than the 420. Same thing - wag,wag,wag.

So I changed the gyro to a HK GA 250 that I have for another project and plugged that in. Some reprogramming to get it working on this but not too bad. Maybe a little higher RPM before it wags but still not good.

So today I put the 420 back on it and left the 250 gyro on it looked (on the bench) like that was going to be better. Down to the garage tonight with training gear on and it stay real solid so I got to creep it off the ground just a bit and actually move around the floor for a while.

So for me the fix is a $10 Chinese gyro. It works great.

Now to plug in the hours to get comfortable flying this machine. At least it appears to be doable now.

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