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A 2.4 GHz antenna on a spektrum or futaba radio is not a dipole by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you're 3 inches tall, the ground is so far away from the antenna (electrically speaking) that there's no possible way it can act like the second leg of a dipole. If anything, it's using the circuitry in the radio, or even the carrying handle as a ground plane.

In any case, an antenna such as we have on our transceivers is so inefficient that we as average users couldn't possibly begin to plot the radiation pattern. With all the pattern interfering objects in the way (not the least of which is your body, which distorts e-fields at 2.4G quite effectively) you might as well give up on predicting where your signal strength is maximum. Also, you're very rarely pointing the tip of the antenna directly at the model. this is why I maintain that polarization would be the only real factor that you could do anything about, but even if you did, a moving model negates anything you CAN do.

If you're really in doubt, do a range test. Try the antenna in various positions, pointing at and perpendicular to the model. To simulate the relative antenna position, move your transmitter to different angles relative to the model. Turn the model around from all angles. This ought to give you a pretty good picture of what's going on.
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