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Originally Posted by th3tick View Post
Two more questions on those pictures:

1) is that two of the Spektrum satellite modules, one on the left servo bulge, and one also on the right, or are these two different stages with two different locations you tried?

2) On the left side, in addition to the Spektrum satellite, what's that other clear smoke plastic doohickey above the rudder servo?


EDIT: Now I see the "Spektrum AR9000 with dual antennas". Sorry.
The doohickey, lol on left side is the Antenna Frame hold, loss and voltage indicator. It is a handy little unit which gives you data right after flight to evaluate your antenna locations as well as you rx voltage etc.... It just plugs into the data port of the AR9000. I like the 9000 and the dual antennas, in comparison to the AR7000 it stepped up my range check from 36 paces to 79 so that was pretty huge imho. Maidened it today, wow is all I got to say. I have alot of tweaking to do as it was pitching up etc but still was pretty amazing on Vbar that is for sure.
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